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Lincoln, Nebraska

Postby meteorgw » Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:29 am

Last August Dave Manton and I travelled to Lincoln, Nebraska for the total solar eclipse (but the less that is mentioned the better!). The successful part of our trip was meeting the members of the Prairie Astronomy Group and seeing their impressive observatory in a public park in Lincoln and their new out-of-town site. They open every Saturday evening for public observing sessions and have 3 large Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes under a large roll-off roof. The Branched Oak observatory is about 30 minutes drive from Lincoln and enjoys superb dark skies and at 40 deg N they can view more of wonderful constellations near the galactic centre. We certainly felt like the poor relations with the facilities we have at the LAS.
Whilst Lincoln, NB is not on the usual tourist trail it is definitely worth a visit if you are planning a drive across N America. It is almost centrally placed in mainland USA so is a very long trip from almost any other major city in the country. We were made very welcome and would like to return, but not very likely unfortunately.
Below are links to their recent newsletters.
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