Perseids at Bassingham

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Perseids at Bassingham

Postby meteorgw » Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:39 am

I saw my first Perseid of the year last night. Just a chance view of a mag zero meteor through thin cloud.

I am planning to do some meteor watches from home at Bassingham and would be happy for some LAS members to join me for the maximum on 12/13 August. If that night is set to be cloudy then it will be postponed to 13/14 Aug. We are located about a mile east of Bassingham so there are no street lights and the sky can be very dark except towards Lincoln. Numbers need to be limited to around a dozen due to parking space and to minimise disturbance to our neighbours, so please contact me at if you would like to come. The plan is to meet up from about 7pm for bbq and preparations, and so you can see where there are obstacles around the garden before it gets dark. Observing can start as soon as it is dark enough and carry on until dawn or when you have had enough. All you need to bring is warm clothing and an observing chair (deck chair or lounger that supports your head is recommended). Bring a telescope, binoculars, camera etc if you wish. I shall have my 1100D set up to take a series of 30 sec exposures in the hope of catching some Persieds.

Maximum is predicted for 08.00 on 13 August so it will be in daylight for us, but there will be a good number of meteors on nights a couple of days either side.

Apologies to cosmicdave for the competition, but not everyone will want to travel to the coast.


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