Radio Geminids 2016

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Radio Geminids 2016

Postby Phil » Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:21 am

For those who attended the December lecture on Radio Astronomy, you may recall that I said it was the intention to run the society radio meteor set up for the Geminids. This was turned on last night about 7pm, small adjustments made, and the set up run from 8 to 9pm. 51 meteors were recorded (61 on my home system). The radio was left running and recorded a peak rate of 68 meteors an hour overnight (122 on my home system).

In my talk I showed a slide of what to expect from the Geminids. I have attached an actual one from the home system last night. Most of the small meteors are just grains of dust, but the larger one is probably part of the original comets nucleus made from ice and rock.

The society system is continuing to run and will be turned off at the weekend, adjusted and then run again for the Quadrantid shower at the beginning of January.

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